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Islamic Private Equity Fund IPEF (2008)*

SPF – Société de Gestion de Patrimoine Familiale, Company for Family Wealth Management - Luxembourg (2007)

Compliance and Compliance Function (2006)

Finance Contracts – the Islamic approach (2005)

The European Company SE (2004)

Venture Capital “investment company” – SICAR Luxembourg, (2004)

*published and republished Islamic Finance News – Dow Jones Islamic Markets – Sukuk.net – Failaka - Eureka Hedge etc etc

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Elements of Islamic Wealth Management, Chapter forthcoming in Contemporary Islamic Finance, Wiley & Sons publisher, Karen Hunt Ahmed, editor, Fall 2012 (USA)

Goldman Sachs Milestone Global Sukuk, in Global Islamic Finance Review GIFR 2012, March 2012 (UK)

Introduction to Islamic Private Equity Funds (IPEF), Private Equity in Russia and CIS, January 2012 (Russia)

Goldman Sachs Global Sukuk : genuine or Ribawi Sukuk in the making ?, Business Islamica, February 2012 (U.A.Emirates) and 'Alim - the Shariah Scholars Review, March 2012 (Switzerland)

Sukuk ! Sukuk !My kingdom for a Sukuk ! A brief introduction in Sukuk concepts, Singapore Law Gazette, May 2011 (Singapore)

Identity banking – a new Islamic paradigm ?, Islamic Finance News, Special Edition GIFF 2010, 28.10.2010 (Malaysia)

Shariah and conventional law of contracts : friendly neighbors ?, Business Islamica, December 2010 (U.A.Emirates)

The use of the contract of sale in Islamic finance – General concepts, Law Gazette, Singapore Bar Association, September 2010 (Singapore)

Re-framing Conventional Loan Scheme to an Islamic finance structure, Sharing Australian Edition, issue 02/2010 (Australia)

Book - Islamic banking in Turkey: the Istanbul Financial Centre plans further expansion, in Islamic Investment Banking: Emerging Trends, Developments and Opportunities, Euromoney, (London),  2010, p. 378-384 (UK)

Islamic Private Equity Fund, Law Gazette - Singapore Law Society, 2009, March, 15-18 (Singapore)

Islamic Law and Private Equity Investments – first steps, Globalization of Investment Funds Conference - 20th Anniversary Bulletin, Investment Funds committee, London Conference, Special Edition, International Bar Association IBA, 2009, March, 13-18 (UK)

A bright future for Islamic Private Equity, Business Islamica, 2009, October (U.A.Emirates)

Basic Notions on Islamic Private Equity, Islamic Finance News, 2008, September 21, 20-21 (Malaysia)

Managing a compliant Islamic private equity fund, E-comlaw, 2008, September (UK)

Islamic banking in Turkey, Indonesia and Pakistan: a comparison with Malaysia, Islamic Finance News, 19 October 2007, 13 (republished in dinarstandard.com, gtnews.com, e-com.law, etc) (Malaysia)

The dos and don’ts of Islamic finance, Guide to Turkey, International Financial Law Review IFLR, 2007, 7 (UK)

Turkey: Basics of Islamic finance contracts, Mondaq, January 2007 (international website)

Compliance and compliance function – Industry Report, Islamic Finance News,  7 November 2005, 16  (Malaysia)

Finance contracts: a basic introduction to the Islamic approach – Industry Report, Islamic Finance News, 6 March 2006, 13 (Malaysia)

Book - the Belgian Chapter of “Company Law in Europe”, Butterworths, London (loose leaf – until 2004) (UK)

Book - the Belgian Chapter of "Repossession of aircraft and insolvency in EC countries", Lloyd's of London Press, 1993) (UK)

most relevant only

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Targeting a much broader group then the convinced Moslem, Sharing magazine, 2009, December , 54-55 (Indonesia)

Katilim Bankaciliginin Belcikali Bilirkisi, Fortune Magazine Turkey, 2008, March, 128-129 (Turkey)

Meet the Head, Islamic Finance News talks to leading players in the industry – Paul WOUTERS, Islamic Finance News, 20 July 2007, 25 (Malaysia)

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Participation Banking in Turkey – Taking the front stage (2010)

New Market Opportunities and horizons for India’s PE and VC (2010)

A successful “Islamic finance”-road show – re frame a conventional loan scheme to an Islamic finance structure (2009)

Islamic Private Equity – Opportunities in the Middle East (2009)

International contracts – some basic elements (2007)

EU Directive on Financial Collateral - 2002/EC/47 - Turkish point of view – the Belgian Window (2006)